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Jun Month Project - Photoshop Fun!

Hey there!

A few days ago I began a fun little project for Jun Month! Basically, every day I post a picture of Jun with a bit of a twist. Each of the pictures I post have been photoshopped by me in some way. I mean no disrespect; I just thought it would be a fun and interesting way to celebrate our wonderful MatsuJun! I'm looking to do a new picture every day right up until Jun's big day, but I need your help! I'm currently looking for photoshop suggestions to get me through the month. They could be anything from Jun x topic/thing/fandom to an attempt at proper photoshop tutorials online! They can be serious, sexy, scary, or even funny and cracktastic! Feel free to go take a look at my work so far and to drop me some suggestions by clicking the preview pictures below!

Thanks and Happy Jun Month!


P.S. You can keep track of future updates here by following my Jun Month tag! :)
Tags: birthday, game, photoshop design
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