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Jun Daily

MatsuJun's Hotness

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Jun Matsumoto based fan community. Spreading the Jun / Arashi love!!
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The 2007 Banner Contest Winner is qlassik!
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The 2007 Poetry Contest Winner is sunshinemusic!
A Storm of His Own

There are so many words that can be used,
About the idol that to whom we fans profuse,
Handsome, suave, and talented too,
There seems to be nothing that Jun can not do!

At first, he seems he's just an idol,
A singing and dancing Johnny's boy,
The way his talents wash over us is tidal,
And there seems so much we can enjoy.

But he doesn't stop there, oh no!
He is the chameleon of the screen.
Seems there's some more we don't know.
And in some PVs, the screen can be green!

Each role he takes, he makes them his own,
His charisma shines out even on stage,
Because each persona is not set in stone,
Even the ones written on a manga page.

Did we mention that he likes to dance?
His moves are seductive and hot,
And his hips put us in a hypnotic trance,
And I'm sure he knows we like that a lot.

And last but not least, his good looks,
His features are sexy at most,
His face is a work of art in the history books,
And he's so dashing; he has no reason to boast!

So what else can we say about Jun?
His name is synonymous with amazing,
And we'll love him and support him in everything does,
Because his fans are always there for his praising.

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She keeps order to the community with a kind and loving hand. Contrary to popular belief, Jun is NOT actually her fave ARASHI member **SHOCK** --->OHNO IS.
Is someone attacking your post, or you? Is there something you're not sure about posting?? OMG. Someone posted porn instead of something Jun related!?!?
Tell/Ask her first.
Please contact dream_raine at: dreamraine [ @ ] gmail.com

She's your layout creator! She'll be the one making sure the layout stays in check. If you post pictures that are large, she'll tell you to put it under an lj-cut. Rather than a mod, she's more of a community chaos creator...! +_+'
If all else fails and dream_raine isn't talking back...you can always try her for help!
Please contact catsfilmingtea at: KimiWaPet2150 [ @ ] gmail.com

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Make the banners no bigger than 500x157!
E-mail to: KimiWaPet2150 [ @ ] gmail.com

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